WOWinflow integrates with your accounting system to produce actionable, intelligent data to plan, budget & forecast with incredible precision, and provides valuable machine learning insights, for better credit control.

The days of forecasting Accounts Receivable by payment terms, averages or best guess methods are over - these methods guarantee inaccurate budgets, reports & forecasts. WOWinflow learns the actual payment patterns, cycles and payment polices of your customers and then provides intelligent Accounts Receivable data.

Whether you prefer to use spreadsheets or forecasting software, it’s the accuracy of the data that counts. WOWinflow provides the data, where you use it is up to you!

Get up and running in minutes, just register and connect your company.

  • Get intelligent Accounts Receivable data by day, week, month or year and make your budgets, forecasts & reports precise.

  • Know which customers are due to pay you, and when - based on your actual customer payment patterns, NOT your payment terms, averages or best guess.

  • See your customer invoices categorised in order of priority & payment risk, so you can manage your credit control intelligently.

  • Receive automatic warnings when any of your customer payment patterns change, helping you avoid bad debt.

  • Customers that pose a payment risk to you are placed on a Watchlist and are monitored until they’re back on track.



WOWinflow learns how long it takes each customer to pay you (their specific payment patterns, cycles and behaviour) and then accurately predicts the payment dates of all your outstanding invoices.


When a customers’ normal payment pattern changes, it can indicate a problem. WOWinflow spots the threat immediately, flags the outstanding invoices at risk of non-payment, and monitors the customer until their payment pattern returns to normal.


Plan, budget & forecast with intelligent accounts receivable data based on your actual customer payment patterns - not unreliable payment terms, averages or guesswork. You can even copy the data straight into your spreadsheets or favourite cashflow software to make your forecasts extremely reliable.

All features & unlimited users for £10 GBP ($14 USD / €12 Euro) per company per month.

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“A brilliant, but simple application that produces incredible cashflow data. It also warns us of any changes in customer payment patterns, so we can react before it’s too late.”
— Keith Bentley - Managing Director - ITP Insurance Services