How much time and money is wasted chasing customers who just aren't ready to pay? And would you like to be able to spot which customers are most likely to leave you with a bad debt?

Save hours each week by only chasing customers who are ready to pay you.

See the invoices customers are ready to pay now, and which ones won’t be paid yet.

Get alerts about customers most likely to leave you with a bad debt.


WOWinflow learns the REAL payment patterns of all your customers and delivers the intelligent data, warnings and critical insights that your business needs to work on - TODAY!

Drill down on your latest accounts receivable numbers & insights for the coming days, weeks, months or years ahead with the power of WOWinflow’s machine learning add-on app.

Set up your company’s automated Snapshot in just a few clicks!

Start saving time & money today.

Seamless integration with Xero, QuickBooks Online & Sage Business Cloud / Sage One.


All features & unlimited users for £15 GBP ($19 USD / €18 Euro) per company per month.

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