Eliminate the guesswork. Everything you need to know about the cash due into your business with


WOWinflow learns and monitors your customers’ payment patterns and automatically provides you with the accurate numbers and financial insights your business needs.

  • Forecast with accuracy: Use the most accurate numbers in plans, budgets & forecasts – not based on payment terms or guesswork.
  • Know the dates your invoices will be paid: Most customers don’t pay by the due date – see the dates your invoices will be paid.
  • Know which invoices pose a genuine risk: See immediately when a customer changes the way they normally pay you – it’s a warning signal.
  • Monitor customers' payment behaviour: Keep an eye on customers with erratic payment behaviour – even if they eventually pay you.
  • Instant actionable reports: View on screen or export the numbers to spreadsheet or existing software.
  • Invite & share the numbers and insights with the people that need it across your organisation.

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