How easy would credit control be if you knew when your customers would pay you?

Eliminate the guesswork with


An add-on app that accurately predicts when customers will pay you and provides unique insights & intelligent reports for Finance & Credit Control.

A large percentage of customers don’t pay to terms - The WOWinflow add-on identifies, learns and monitors your customers REAL payment patterns so you can:

  • See when customers will pay your invoices, based on their actual payment pattern behaviour.
  • Focus your attention on customers who change their normal payment pattern – it’s the earliest warning signal.
  • Identify and monitor customers with erratic payment behaviour – even if they eventually pay you.
  • See when and how much cash will arrive in your business – by day, week, month or year.
  • View reports on screen or export to your spreadsheet or cashflow software so you can plan using the most realistic numbers.
  • Invite & share the numbers and insights with the people that need it.

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All features & unlimited users for £10 GBP ($14 USD / €12 Euro) per company per month.

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