Differentiate your client advisory services with Machine Learning.

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Making client business plans, budgets & forecasts reliable is difficult because most customers pay late (some very late), yet forecasts assume every customer will pay on time. It’s too complex and time consuming for humans to learn, monitor and forecast using the payment patterns, cycles and payment policies of every customer, but machine learning can do the job in seconds and provide the numbers for you to make client reports precise.

Payment patterns can also provide valuable insights for clients, telling their Credit Control when invoices should be paid, the order in which to chase them and which invoices pose a genuine risk. If a clients’ customer changes their normal payment pattern, it usually indicates there’s a problem with an invoice or their customer maybe having cashflow problems. Machine learning can provide these insights immediately, saving clients time and helping them reduce bad-debt from invoice write-offs.

The WOWinflow app does all of the above and more, and you don’t have to change anything – just plug-in and use the intelligent data in your existing spreadsheets or forecasting software to make client reports precise. Invite clients and automatically share intelligent insights on their customers through the app. Find out more or