The WOWinflow app uses machine learning to produce unique insights on customer payment behaviour. Provided through 4 intelligent features.

The Predict feature shows which customers are going to release payments, and on what day, over the next 90 days.

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  • 90-day graph showing accurate predictive payment dates of outstanding invoices.

  • Hover by day to see how much cash your business should receive by that date.

  • Click a day marker for a list of invoices predicted to be paid by that date.

  • See cumulative totals of expected cash-in by day, week or month.

  • Compare WOWinflow predicted payment dates against payment terms, average days to pay or a customer promised date for each invoice.

  • Create reports and export data for granular short term cash-flow planning.

The Action Feature - Categorises your outstanding invoices in order of Credit Control priority and customer payment risk.

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  • Traffic light system showing a breakdown of outstanding invoices in order of priority and risk - which invoices are OK and which ones need more focus.

  • Immediate warning alerts when a customer breaks their normal payment pattern.

  • Compare WOWinflow predictions against your payment terms due dates, average days to pay or customer promised date.

  • Create reports and export data for credit control action.

The Edge Feature intelligently calculates your realistic long-term monthly cash inflow data based on when you’ll get cash from customers, not payment terms.

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  • Input your sales forecast figures (1,2 or 3yrs) and receive accurate cash-inflow data based on when you’ll actually get the cash from your customers.

  • Create reports and copy data straight into your existing cashflow spreadsheets or cashflow software so you can plan for the future using the most realistic numbers.

  • See the difference between your intelligent WOWinflow cash forecast and your standard payment terms cash forecast - you’ll be surprised!

  • Create unlimited scenarios based on different sales forecast figures.

  • Edge forecasts are dynamic and automatically update when you get new customers or when existing customer payment patterns change, saving hours re-modeling / changing forecasts - just click ‘data refresh’ for the latest data and export to spreadsheet or cashflow software so your always planning with realistic numbers.

The Watchlist feature monitors your customer payment behaviour and patterns and if any become erratic, they are automatically placed on your customer Watchlist.

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  • Dashboard alerts and count of how many customers are on The Watchlist.

  • List of 'Watchlist' companies, how much they owe you and how many times they have broken their normal payment pattern.

  • Click on the total amount owed to view a list of invoices this client owes you.

  • Customers remain on The Watchlist until their normal payment pattern resumes (even if their outstanding balance is £0).

  • Create reports, and export data for credit control action.


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