Save time & money with actionable insights for your Credit Control - delivered automatically through 5 intelligent features:


We know how busy you are, so we’ll automatically send your predictive financial Snapshot and intelligent Credit Control action list to your inbox every Monday morning.

>>>See example Snapshot.

ACTION - See your invoices in order of Credit Control priority and customer payment risk.

  • Traffic light system - which invoices to chase now and which to leave (for now).

  • Warnings about customers who have broken their normal payment pattern.

  • Compare WOWinflow predictions against your payment terms due dates.

  • Make notes against each invoice, create reports and export data.


THE WATCHLIST monitors customer payment behaviour and automatically highlights customers who are most likely to leave you with a bad debt.

  • Dashboard alerts and count of how many customers are on The Watchlist.

  • List of 'Watchlist' companies, how much they owe you and how many times they have broken their normal payment pattern.

  • Click on the total amount owed to view a list of invoices this client owes you.

  • Customers remain on The Watchlist until their normal payment pattern resumes (even if their outstanding balance is £0).

Watchlist Feature Logo.png

PREDICT uses your customer payment patterns to show how much cash should come into your business by day, for the next 90 days.

  • 90-day graph showing predicted payment dates of outstanding invoices.

  • Hover by day to see how much cash your business should receive by that date.

  • Click a day marker for a list of invoices predicted to be paid by that date.

  • See cumulative totals of expected accounts receivables by day, week or month.

  • Create reports and export data for granular short term cash-flow planning.

Edge automatically calculates your realistic long-term accounts receivable data based on customer payment patterns.

  • Input your sales forecast figures (1, 2 or 3 years) and see accurate accounts receivable data based on when you’ll actually get the cash from your customers.

  • See the difference between your intelligent WOWinflow accounts receivable numbers and your standard payment terms numbers - you’ll be very surprised!

  • Create reports and copy data straight into your existing cashflow spreadsheets or cashflow software so you can plan for the future using the most realistic numbers.

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