Provide clients with unique insights on cash inflow.

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Here’s a simple app your clients will welcome. It requires no training, and provides unique insights on the most important element of their business – CASH!  

WOWinflow learns and monitors your clients’ customer payment patterns and automatically provides razor sharp machine learning accounts receivable data, showing the dates their customer invoices will be paid and how much cash will be coming into their business by day, week, month or year.

Your clients' Finance & Credit Control departments can see which invoices to focus on, not by days overdue, but by payment risk. WOWinflow alerts your client if a customer changes their normal payment pattern – it’s a warning signal!

The WOWinflow app is affordable to every client @ just £10 per month and you can invite them in so they can use the data and actionable insights immediately.

Book a demo - Only 10 mins (no sales waffle)

Get Started - Jump in & get intelligent data & insights immediately

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