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WOWinflow integrates with your clients accounting system to learn their customer payment patterns and behaviour, giving them actionable, intelligent data & insights to plan, budget & forecast with incredible precision.

Our simple, machine learning reporting tool provides clients with information instantly and accurately predicts:

  • The dates their outstanding invoices will be paid.

  • Accounts receivable totals by day, week, month or year, so they can forecast using reliable data.

  • Invoices which are at risk of turning bad.

  • Which of their customers may be having cashflow problems.

    If client service is your differentiator, take a look at WOWinflow today!

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All Features

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Prices are shown in £GBP. Subscriptions from Eurozone are €9 monthly / €86 annually, subscriptions from all other countries are $11 USD monthly / $105 USD annually, using the same Sign-Up buttons above. Prices exclude tax. Savings against direct company subscription.