How easy would your clients’ credit control be if they knew when their customers would pay?

A large percentage of your clients’ customers don’t pay them by the invoice due date - the WOWinflow add-on app identifies, learns and monitors customer payment patterns so your clients can: 

  • See when customers will pay their invoices, based on their customers' actual payment pattern behaviour.
  • Focus their attention on customers who change their normal payment pattern – it’s the earliest warning signal.
  • Identify and monitor customers with erratic payment behaviour – even if they eventually pay.
  • See when and how much cash will arrive in their business – intelligent accounts receivable data by day, week, month or year.
  • View reports or export to spreadsheet or cashflow software so they can plan using the most realistic numbers.
  • Invite & share the unique insights with the people that need it.

A certified add-on partner for

Smart cashflow forecasting
  • Re-brand the WOWinflow app with your own practice logo.
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All Features

and Unlimited Users


per client company, per year, billed annually

Prices are shown in £GBP. Subscriptions from Eurozone are €9 monthly / €86 annually, subscriptions from all other countries are $11 USD monthly / $105 USD annually, using the same Sign-Up buttons above. Prices exclude tax. Savings against direct company subscription.

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