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Smart cashflow forecasting

WOWinflow integrates with Xero, QuickBooks & Sage to provide intelligent data & insights to WOW your clients, without the need to change from your current cashflow forecasting software, apps or spreadsheets.

The days of forecasting clients Accounts Receivable by payment terms, averages or best guess methods are over - they only guarantee inaccurate budgets, reports & forecasts. WOWinflow learns the actual payment patterns, cycles and payment polices of your clients’ customers and then provides intelligent Accounts Receivable data.

Whether you prefer to use spreadsheets or forecasting software, it’s the accuracy of the data that counts. WOWinflow provides the data, where you use it is up to you!

  • Get intelligent Accounts Receivable data by day, week, month or year and make any client forecast precise.

  • Tell your clients which customers are due to pay them, and when.

  • Show your clients their customer invoices categorised in order of priority & payment risk, so they can manage their credit control intelligently.

  • Give clients automatic warnings when any of their customer payment patterns change, helping them avoid bad debt.

  • Customers that pose a payment risk to your clients are placed on a Watchlist and are monitored until they’re back on track.

If you’d like to provide clients better service through precise forecasting, save time crunching numbers, protect clients from bad debt and receive 20% discount,

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Prices are shown in £GBP. Subscriptions from Eurozone are €9 monthly / €86 annually, subscriptions from all other countries are $11 USD monthly / $105 USD annually, using the same Sign-Up buttons above. Prices exclude tax. Savings against direct company subscription.