Unlock the secrets hidden within your accounting data.


The move to cloud accounting has provided Accountants and their clients with benefits in efficiency, collaboration, and accuracy.

But, one of the biggest benefits of cloud accounting remains hidden.

Cloud accounting packages record huge amounts of data from the past, and within that data are machine-identifiable patterns which, if identified intelligently, can deliver one of the biggest benefits of all to Accountants and their clients.

Now apply this to cash, the most important element in business. These are just some of the insights your clients can benefit from by using machine learning:

  • Forecast with accuracy: Use the most accurate numbers in clients' plans, budgets & forecasts – not unreliable payment terms or guesswork.
  • Show clients the dates their invoices will be paid: Most customers don’t pay by the due date – see the dates invoices will be paid.
  • Know which invoices pose a genuine risk to clients: See immediately when a customer deviates from their normal payment pattern – it’s a warning signal.
  • Monitor clients' customers' payment behaviour: Keep an eye on clients' customers with erratic payment behaviour – even if they eventually pay.
  • Instant actionable reports: View on screen or export the numbers to spreadsheet or existing software.
  • Invite & share the numbers and insights with the people that need it in your clients organisation.
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This isn’t something for the future, it’s available to Xero, Sage and QuickBooks users today - the WOWinflow app does all the above (and more!) and is affordable to any business. Try for free or find out more.