Know when customers will pay you and alert credit control to the ones that might not with

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The WOWinflow machine learning app accurately predicts when cash will come into your business and warns you right now! about invoices that might not get paid.

Intelligent numbers to make your business plans, budgets & forecasts precise.

Most customers pay late, yet forecasts assume every customer will pay on time. WOWinflow learns your customer payment patterns and provides the accurate numbers you need to make your plans, budgets & forecasts precise. Just plug-in and copy WOWinflow’s data into your existing spreadsheets or forecasting software.

Know when invoices will be paid & get warnings about ones at risk.

By monitoring your customer payment patterns, WOWinflow tells credit control when invoices should be paid, the order in which to chase them, which invoices pose a genuine risk, and flags customers that need watching - whether they've paid or not.

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All features & unlimited users for £10 GBP ($14 USD / €12 Euro) per company per month.

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